Investment Strategy

Property Identification • Funding • Acquisition • Management • Sale

Dome Investments offers a limited number of investors complete real estate investment services that begin with property identification and seeks capital growth strategies that are tailored to meet investor objectives.

In order to offer a positive investment experience, Dome employs a streamlined approach to efficiently identify, evaluate, acquire, hold, and sell distressed real estate in the greater Chicago and Los Angeles areas. Our investment plan focuses on Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term Properties, creating a series of return stages for our investors.

Short-Term Properties include distressed residential properties that we expect to be sell within a 6-month timeframe.

Mid-Term Properties are those that we hold for future sale with a range of one to two years.

Long-Term Properties are most often residential properties that we hold onto in anticipation of a high rate of appreciation over the course of five to seven years.

During the hold period for both Mid-Term and Long-Term investments, properties are leased out to create self-sustaining vehicles. Due to current market conditions being favorable for low target acquisition prices and our ability to minimize management costs, positive cash flow is expected during the hold period.